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LEt THE DEVELOPers, owners & CIty of SEATTLE know:

  • You support the landmark designation of the Roy Vue and support the efforts of Save the Roy Vue, Historic Seattle and the Capitol Hill Historical Society, who are in the process of developing the landmark application.

  • You want Seattle to preserve character-rich architecture and landmarks which anchor our neighborhoods and city to the past.

  • You feel strongly the Roy Vue meets the City of Seattle’s Comprehensive Plan for housing since it provides a mix of housing, while being a more permanent housing solution, adds to the character of the neighborhood, helps foster a strong sense of community and provides an open green space that improves the quality of the local natural environment.

  • The Roy Vue is not on the Unreinforced Masonry (URM) list.

COntacts who need to hear these points:

  • Prospective developers: contact@anewapartments.com / (617) 379-3923

  • Owners: (425) 451-7745

  • City council member KSHAMA SAWANT:
    Kshama.Sawant@seattle.gov / (206) 684-8016

  • The Local MEDIA


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